Marketing Made Different

We are an outsourced sales company. We provide sales solutions on behalf of  large national brands. For example we work with AT&T, Verizon, Comcast and Sprint.

Business to Business

How do we do this? Through our B2B methods, we approach CEO’s of small to medium-sized businesses and switch their services to a better provider.

Events & Promotions

We also provide event-based sales for various clients, including trade shows, trade fairs, indoor and outdoor events, sporting events and also local community events.  

AT&T - Street

Verizon - Experiential

Xfinity - Kiosk

HelloFresh - Retail

Superb choice!

A great, hands-on team. Thank you for working closely with us at every stage of the process. Outsourcing to you was 100% the right choice for our marketing needs.


Overall a perfect experience!

It was great campaign handled professionally by the Visionary team. The results were more than we anticipated and targets were reached much faster than expected.


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Planning & Projecting
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Positive Feedback
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Visionaries build what dreamers imagine.

Why Choose Us?

1) Human Interaction – Our unique human advert provides superior consumer confidence.

2) Better Return on investment – ROI comes from our clients paying for results which are immediately quantifiable.

3) Market Share – Immediate growth and impact on profitability

4) Quality – Emphasis on quality of acquisition and lifetime value.

Get In Touch

Our friendly team here at The Visionary Group Selective are on hand to help answer any queries you may have regarding our services or how to join our expanding team.

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