The Visionary Group Selective

Matthew Goodchild to Represent The Visionary Group Selective in New Orleans

If there is anyone well suited to talk about recruiting top talent, it would be Matthew Goodchild, CEO, and president of The Visionary Group Selective. Proudly, that is just what Matthew Goodchild will be doing in New Orleans the third week in October, and he will also be looking at what it takes to attract A Players to your organization.

Over the years, Matthew Goodchild has built an organization that is now operating in more than 20 locations around the United States and the UK. This is quite an accomplishment and the result of knowing how to choose the right talent with a good fit for what it is they do.

At the time of the Rising Star Event in New Orleans, where Matthew Goodchild is scheduled to speak, he will have just returned from an industry event in South Africa where top achievers were given awards. Few people understand the industry quite like The Visionary Group Selective’s CEO and this is why he is often a speaker of choice. In every sense of the word, he is a true visionary.

As the website says, “Visionaries build what dreamers dream,” and that’s just what Visionary Group Selective is all about. Not only are they marketing specialists, this amazing group of talented men and women are poised to help their clients recruit talent and customers alike, as well as working with them to bring their future dreams to reality with a visionary market approach.

Matthew Goodchild says that “It is vital to look beyond talent when recruiting for your organization. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of talented sales and marketing specialists out there but not all would be a good fit for your organization. When recruiting A Players, it is essential to look at whether or not they are a good match for your team and to gain a better understanding of where they want to be in a year, two years, ten years down the road. A true visionary knows where they are headed and how to get there. A true visionary is willing to work to make that happen.”

Not only is this an honor for Matthew Goodchild, but the entire team is thrilled that their very own company president has been asked to speak on a subject so important. The entire team wishes The Visionary Group Selective’s CEO a wonderful trip to New Orleans and they are awaiting any industry news he brings back with him.