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The Visionary Group: “Life is Change”

Having a constant change in your personal and professional life means that you’re able to challenge yourself and be up to date with yourself. As we age and as years go by we gain experience, knowledge, and education in different fields. These changes allow us to be more well-rounded and successful. Studies show that life-long learners are more likely to be successful and reach their highest potential. At The Visionary Group, we believe in the same. We allow ourselves to grow through change and embrace it as it consistently touches us. “You’ll notice when change strikes you. It makes you feel a bit uneasy and different. But you will see that your attitude, perspective and ability to adapt will also become more vibrant,” says Matthew Goodchild, managing director of The Visionary Group.

According to an article by Success, the writer Josh Ellis cleverly describes the phenomenon of how the change in life is positive. Ellis says, “The news that your life is changing always seems to come like a sudden bolt of nearby lightning. It brightens the world around you in an instant, turning the most mundane of surroundings and the most routine activities into the backdrop for memories that will be etched into your consciousness forever. And then just as quickly, the instant of change is past and the darkness of an unpredictable future returns.” At The Visionary Group, we believe that change is inevitable. It doesn’t warn you as it heads your way and no matter how much you prepare, the emotions you feel regarding change will always be a surprise.

Ellis says change is positive if you learn to be grateful. Gratitude towards change is a big deal because you’re not in the same routine and constant flow. You’re being given a chance to experience something different and surprising. Ellis says, “As someone who has experienced great change recently, when the magazine (Success) went through its shakeup, I want to give you the best remedy for handling the unforeseen that I have learned. It’s gratitude. It’s always gratitude.”