The Visionary Group Selective

The Visionary Group Selective on the Importance of Strong Leadership Skills

Everyone has heard it said at least once in their lifetime that someone was a “natural born leader.” While that may be true to some extent, Matthew Goodchild of The Visionary Group Selective has a different take on the matter. As the CEO and President of this amazingly successfully marketing and acquisition group, Matthew Goodchild says that “A leader is more than someone who has that natural gift of charisma. Although that is important, a leader needs to have the knowledge, experience, and a desire to lead.”

Too many times someone is given a leadership position simply because they are good at what they do. “That, alone, isn’t enough,” The Visionary Group Selective’s CEO goes on to say. “Yes, they need to have a strong handle on their job but are they someone who can communicate well with others? Even charismatic ‘leaders’ aren’t always good communicators and this, fortunately, is a skill which can be learned.”

Matthew Goodchild doesn’t believe that someone grows up knowing they are going to be a leader. It’s something that is acquired over time as you become well versed in what you are doing and then develop a strong desire to show others how they can excel as well. “Some people who are really good at their jobs are also leery of the competition and this type of personality doesn’t make for a good leader at all,” says Matthew Goodchild. The Visionary Group Selective understands that a strong leader isn’t threatened by the competition but rather, is motivated by them.

“We always look for leaders who want to work together for a common goal that benefits everyone involved. If someone feels threatened by other team members who are also expert in their jobs, we would tend to pass them by in favor of someone who understands that everyone must operate at their peak if the company is to benefit”

Even leaders go through a learning period and this is something else which must be assessed when choosing leaders. Always look for that special person who is good at what they do but willing to learn how to be a strong leader. Just being good at your job isn’t enough and The Visionary Group Selective recommends that each time you choose a team leader, be willing to give them the training they need. Strong leaders aren’t really born; they are forged over time and have a willingness to lead from the heart, not from the ego.