The Visionary Group Selective

The Visionary Group Selective’s Own Matthew Goodchild to Speak in South Africa

It’s always exciting to attend industry conferences but when you’ve been invited to speak, it’s more than exciting – it’s an honor! This year, The Visionary Group Selective’s own Matthew Goodchild, CEO, and President has been asked to give a talk at a huge Gala event which will be honoring top achievers in the industry. As a guest speaker, Matthew Goodchild has been asked to talk about the process of developing long-lasting sales strategies geared toward optimal growth.

This is something The Visionary Group Selective’s president knows well. The explosive growth of this group, which is now in more than 20 office locations in the United States, as well as having a strong presence in the UK, is well-placed to talk about massive growth. Soon to expand into Europe, The Visionary Group Selective understands how important sales are when seeking forward and upward movement within a company.

“I’m excited to talk about growth potential and what it means for up-and-coming entrepreneurs in the field, but I am also excited to be able to network with other top achievers, many of whom I only get to see at these events. Not only is it fun to be with my fellow marketers but it’s a learning experience shared by all. It’s good to touch base to see what others are doing and to share bits of knowledge we’ve gathered along the way.”

Matthew Goodchild goes on to talk about how exciting it is to be able to award top achievers in the industry. The Visionary Group Selective knows full well how hard a marketer works to earn that award and he believes that these awards give new marketers the incentive to strive toward greatness. “It isn’t enough to know that there is money to be made out there,” he says. “It’s just as important to know that in making that money you are helping others to grow at the same time. Those clients you serve are also profiting, and that is a reward all of its own.”

Everyone back home will be awaiting news of Matthew Goodchild’s trip to South Africa and if past experience has anything to tell, he will be returning with stories and news to be shared with the teams. Bearing in mind that honoring Matthew Goodchild with an invitation to speak is an honor for The Visionary Group Selective as a whole, and it is with great pride that each and every member of the team wishes their CEO a pleasant and fruitful journey abroad.